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Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm System

Addressable Fire Alarm systems are highly advanced, flexible, and programmable fire detection systems, unlike their conventional counterparts. An addressable fire alarm system uses digital signals just like a computer to identify the device ID of the initiating device (such as fire detector, beam and photoelectric smoke detectors, gas detector, etc.) to pinpoint the exact location of the fire-related emergency and trigger the specific notification device such as a sounder or hooter. The dedicated Output Devices are controlled based on a logical programming matrix.
Addressable Fire alarm systems stand out on the grounds that they are capable of supporting multiple Single Line Circuits(SLC) where each initiating and notification device is assigned a unique ID which is referred to as its address. Each SLC can be connected to several devices. Most Addressable Fire Control Panels that are available in India support several hundred devices in up to three loops. Some of our high-end Addressable Fire Control Panels, for example, can be connected to over 1000 devices in up to four SLCs. 
There is a constant exchange of digital signals between the devices and control panel through intelligent microprocessors to report its status on each SLC. In case of a trigger – alarms, advisory, and malfunction reports are notified to the control panel and displayed on the LCD screen presented in a user-friendly UI with a pinpoint location of the device.


  • Cost-effective for bigger projects.
  • Early Detection and Quicker response time for emergency responders, as the precise location of the fire, can be determined with ease.
  • Lower ongoing service cost – the malfunctioning device that requires repair, cleaning, or replacement is identified and notified on the panel. Thereby, reducing the need for frequent manual inspections and audits.
  • Online capabilities: New intelligent panels can provide detailed online notification of alarm, trouble, supervisory events.