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Assured Quality Fire Alarm Systems
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Fire Alarm System

NOTOFIRE is India's leading manufacturer of intelligent addressable fire detection and alarm systems, offering cutting-edge fire safety solutions that comply with national and international safety and functionality standards. The company has received approvals from LPCB, RDSO, CPWD, and several PWDs, along with certifications from EN54, FSAI, CE & STQC. NOTOFIRE has a track record of serving top clients, including the Indian Air Force, Indian Railways, RVNL, and various projects from CPWD and PWDs. The company's production facility in Gautam Buddha Nagar is equipped with the most advanced production and testing facilities in the country. Notofire has a team of sharp engineers who use state-of-the-art technology to produce high-quality fire detection products. 


Have peace of mind, knowing that your property is protected from fire hazards around the clock. Choose NOTOFIRE for reliable and high-quality Fire Alarm Systems that will keep your people and property safe!


Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm Panel 

Intuitive 7-inch color Led display. 1-4 Loops and 48 zone expandable Panel .1020 devices can be connected with 255 devices in each loop. Expandable up to 128 Loops.

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Addressable Detectors

 2-Wire non-polarized signal Infrared scattering technology Simple Electronic Addressing

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Addressable Modules

2-Wire non-polarized signal Infrared scattering technology Simple Electronic Addressing Programmable Sensitivity Level

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Addressable Devices

2-Wire non-polarized signal 2-wire Non-polarized DC24V power Multi level filter can effectively suppress the interference signal


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About Us

We are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified organization for all fire alarm & detection systems and produce High-quality products with all the applicable compliance and approvals for safety. We manufacture multiple solutions in Fire Alarm detection & Evacuation Systems

We are committed to developing reliable & world-class fire alarm & safety products since we believe that an astute investment in a fire safety system can protect not only life, assets, and cost of insurance but also prevent years of hard work from getting reduced to ashes.

The company started with a clear vision and mission to say “No-to-fire” using its highly innovative technology in the field of fire detection devices.

We are among the very few reputed manufacturers with full capacity of Smoke and Heat Detector test tunnels installed that are fully compliant with all the relevant standards. The quality is further finessed by our in-house state-of-the-art SMT Line from Yamaha Japan.

NoToFire is the first natively Indian Fire Alarm System Brand to get prestigious LPCB Approvals. In addition, our products are also ISO Certified, CE & EN54 Complied, and STQC, RDSO, CPWD, and various PWD Approved.

With our in-house R & D, service and customer support centers, we have garnered a reputation in the market for being a leader in innovation by providing the quickest and latest hardware and software upgrades to Fire Detection Technology. All the products we sell are exclusively Made-in-India and developed under the mentorship of some of the finest experts in India.


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