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NOTOFIRE – We believe in the motto of saying “No To Fire”. 
We are committed to developing reliable & world-class fire safety products since we believe that an astute investment in a fire safety system can protect not only life, assets, and cost of insurance but also prevent years of hard work from getting reduced to ashes. The company started with a clear vision and mission to say “No-to-fire” using its highly innovative technology in the field of fire detection devices.We are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified organization for all fire alarm & detection systems and produce High-quality products with all the applicable compliance and approvals for safety. We manufacture multiple solutions in firealarm detection & evacuation systems. We are among the very few reputed manufacturers with full capacity of Smoke and Heat Detector test tunnels installed that are fully compliant with all the relevant standards. The quality is further finessed by our in-house state-of-the-art SMT Line from Yamaha Japan. NoToFire is  also the first natively Indian Brand to get prestigious LPCB Approvals. In addition, our products are also ISO Certified, STQC approved and CE & EN54 Complied.  We have an in-house R&D and service center to ensure that we provide upgrades and excellent service to our clients and channel our efforts on your valuable feedback. . We have garnered a reputation in the market for being a leader in innovation by providing the quickest and latest hardware and software upgrades to Fire Detection Technology. We serve industries such as manufacturing utilities, petrochemical, mining, oil & gas exploration, energy & power, automotive, and construction sites where the chances of catching fire are extreme. All the products we sell are exclusively Made-in-India and developed under the mentorship of some of the finest experts in India.



Fire can occur anywhere in any kind of place, but the key action in that to prevent fires from spreading and it’s probably impossible, but to minimizing the chances from spreading, our fire protection system products come into the picture, we offer varieties of products such Fire Alarm System, Fire Addressable System etc. For more Information please visit our  Product section