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Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel- NF5109(with Printer)

  • Intuitive 7-inch color Led display.

  • 1-4 Loops and 48 zone expandable Panel .

  • 1020 devices can be connected 255 devices in each loop.

  •  Expandable up to 128 Loops.

  • Customized display option

  • On panel programming available

  • Complied with the requirements of LPCB and EN54 standards.

  • In-built printer for event log printing  

  • Easy networkable panel Customized display op on Fire Proof Metal body.

Specifications details

Voltage: AC230V

Frequency: 50HZ

Current: 1ACurrent: 1A


Operating Voltage

Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel (NF5109)

The NotoFire NF5109 Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel is a state-of-the-art Fire Safety System Designed to keep any of your property safe. This Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel supports 128 Loops and Easily Connects to Other Fire Safety Systems like Heat Detectors, Smoke Detectors, and Manual Points. 

Notofire NF5109, Designed For Easy Installation And Maintenance. NF5109 Intelligent Fire Alarm System Features Built-in-Diagnostic System and Eases The Troubleshoot process. 

Notofire NF5109 Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel is a reliable, user-friendly, and advanced fire safety system 

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