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 Securiton Aspirating Smoke Detector 

Securiton ASD.png

Securiton Aspirating Smoke Detector 532

With SecuriSmoke ASD aspirating, you can get an early warning against fires with the most precision and reliability possible. For any monitoring area, Securiton offers the world's leading technology that offers lightning-fast fire detection both scalable and cost-effective. The ASD 532 is a continuous air sampling smoke detector that collects air samples continuously from a monitored area and feeds them to a smoke sensor. The SecuriSmoke ASD 532 is composed of the detector housing and the sampling pipe tube network. Every sampling hole in the sampling pipe extracts the same amount of air because each hole is of the same size. There are several types of sampling pipes, including I-, U-, T-, H-, and E-shaped. Sampling pipes are usually symmetrical. "ASD PipeFlow" can also be used to calculate asymmetrical sampling tube networks. With its compact design, it can be used in elevator shafts, prison cells, clean rooms, laboratories, IT racks, telecommunications facilities, and many other places.

  • Highly sensitive smoke detector

  • Sensitivity can be set between- 0.002–10 %/m

  • robust smoke detection

  • Low noise level, compliant with ISO 11690-1

  • measurement resolution < 0.001 %/m

  • Single Tube with two tube device

  • UL & VdS Approved

  • Up to 5 alarm levels per detector (3 pre-signals and 1 or 2 alarms)

Securiton Aspirating smoke detector

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