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 Linear Heat Detection - LHS Cable

Thermocable ProReact Analogue Linear Heat Detection Cable (LHD)

Thermocable ProReact Analogue Linear Heat Detection Cable (LHS) and Controller.png

Analogue linear heat detection systems consist of a control or interface unit, a section of four-core analog linear heat detection cable, and an end-of-line unit. These systems detect fires or overheating conditions by continuously monitoring changes in electrical resistance along the detection cable. An alarm is triggered when the resistance falls below a predetermined threshold, which is set according to the desired alarm temperature chosen by the user.

In addition, ProReact Analog Linear Heat Detection systems offer a pre-alarm option for early indication of rising temperatures. These systems can be reset following a fire or overheating event, provided the detection cable has not been exposed to temperatures exceeding 125⁰C.

Analog linear heat detection cable is available with a wide variety of outer material coatings, making it suitable for use in diverse environments. These systems are commonly used in car parks, control or data rooms, warehouses, and manufacturing plants.


Overall insulated, 4-coe cable


1kV tested protective outer coat


UL Approved, CE Marked, RoHS Compliant

Minimum bend radius 

50mm (2°)

Zone Length 

30m (100ft) to 500m (1640ft)

Fire alarm system
Fire Alarm Cable.png
Fire Alarm Cable.png
Fire ALarm Cable.png

Download Datasheet

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