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A Bit About Us

We believe in the motto of saying “No To Fire” that means we are always available to provide you fire safety products such as “Fire Alarm System” as we believe in protecting life, assets, money, hard work and also the cost of insurance. The company started with a clear vision and to say “No-to-fire” using its high technology fire detection device.

We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified organization for all fire alarm and detection systems and provide you with the High quality products with all the applicable compliance for the safety of the user & assets.
Our company is a manufacturer of multiple solutions in fire alarm detection evacuation systems. Our company has in-house development center as well as the service center to make sure that our clients can directly give their feedback.

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All the employees in our company are professionally skilled in their work that include: Research, design, engineering as well as production. These professionals work as a team to provide the best service to our clients and the potential buyers. NotoFire Believe in 100% customer satisfaction after sales support.

Our product from NotoFire provides advanced fire detection solutions with the latest products and their upgraded technology. We provide our products for industries, such as manufacturing utilities, petrochemical, mining, oil & gas exploration, energy & power, automotive, and construction sites where the chances of catching fire are extreme. All the products that we sell are exclusively Made In India and we provide the service from Indian experts.

Because we believe in providing quality not just the first time, but every time

  • Hight Customer Satisfaction

  • Quality project delivery

  • Transparent Development Process

  • Daily Status Update

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