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Aspirating Smoke Detector System

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

What is Aspirating Smoke Detector System?

Aspirating smoke detectors (ASDs) are very early smoke detection devices that use a powerful fan to pull air through a network of pipes into a detection chamber. This system detects smoke particles in the air and if the concentration reaches a predetermined level, it triggers an alarm. Large buildings, such as airports, office buildings, and hotels, are often fitted with aspirating smoke detectors when traditional smoke detectors may not be feasible or when there is a need to detect and deal with fire to circumvent the risk of damage due to cost of life and assets involved. Additionally, they are used in environments prone to smoke contamination, such as cleanrooms and laboratories.

Why ASD?

Common smoke detectors come with some shortcomings triggered by any false smoke and creating alerts. Aspirating smoke detectors come with a solution, unlike other common smoke detectors, ASD does some smart and sharp work and is built differently. In Aspirating Smoke Detector, air samples captured gets filtered and removes the containments just to avoid false alarm.

Smoke is drawn to the detector by bore holes in a piping system running through the protected area, unlike passive smoke detection systems such as spot detectors. The Aspirating Smoke Detector system enables an alert to be raised at any time a threat to the system's ability to detect smoke is detected. Passive devices, on the other hand, tend to only be electrically monitored, with no ability to determine whether smoke reaches the detection element.

Aspirating smoke detectors can be incorporated at many levels. This allows ASD to create early to very early smoke detection. There is a wide range of Aspirating Smoke Detector alarm sensitivities to choose from, ranging from thousands of times more sensitive than a conventional detector down to much less sensitive.

Aspirating smoke detection systems offer several benefits, including:

  • Detects smoke before it is visible to the human eye, providing an early warning of danger. If the air handling system isn't working, an Aspirating Smoke Detector will still function

  • The product works well even when the air damper is low

  • Accessible to remote areas for smoke detector maintenance including lofty ceilings without climbing ladders

  • Conventional and addressable fire alarm systems are compatible with Aspirating Smoke Detection systems

Securiton Aspirating Smoke Detector 532 (ASD 532)

Aspirating smoke detectors from Securiton are among the most accurate and reliable early warning systems against fires available in the market. Securiton's lightning-fast detection of fires can be scaled and cost-effectively accommodated in any monitoring area with its complete product line of models.

SecuriSmoke ASD 532 from Securiton offered by NOTOFIRE in India is the perfect compact solution for small to large-sized applications. The ASD 532 offers fast commissioning and high-quality monitoring of premises, all without the need for training. There is no need for a PC to configure the detector and the system is easy to use. Securiton ASD 532 continuously collects air samples from a monitored area and feeds the samples to a smoke detector via a sampling pipe tube network. A sampling pipe has several holes whose sizes are such that they extract the same amount of air from each hole. Sample pipes can be shaped in the form of an I, U, T, H, or E. They are usually symmetrical. Asymmetrical sampling pipe tube networks can also be implemented with the help of the “ASD Pipe Flow” calculation software.

ASD 532 Aspirating Smoke Detector can be used as-

  • Equipment monitor: EDP Systems, Switch cabinets, Electrical distributors and etc.

  • Space surveillance: Ultra clean rooms, EDP rooms, warehouses, hollow floors, protection of cultural assets, transformer stations, etc.

Other than using it for Equipment monitoring and space surveillance ASD 532 can also be installed in areas where normal smoke detectors or heat detectors are installed.

Securiton Aspirating Smoke Detector 532

Securiton ASD 532 works like a shield to any business or building. Early detection is important to avoid the destruction caused by fire accidents. These Aspirating smoke detectors can be installed in a temperature range of –30°C to +60°C, ASD 532 works smoothly whether it is frosty or heat. Securiton Aspirating smoke detector 532 includes dust filters, a water retaining box, and others. Other common smoke detectors do not work properly when they are trapped with dust particles but in the case of Securiton ASD 532, it has an optimized aerodynamic measuring chamber that is dust resistant and cleans its tubes by automatic blow-out devices. These Securiton Aspirating smoke detectors are VdS and UL-approved for their optimized solutions,

To buy these Aspirating Smoke Detectors from the most promising brand ‘Securiton’

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